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Road Accident

Storm destroys a car packed in a mechanic shop

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This is a case where you can not blame anybody. A man takes his car to a mechanic shop for repair. Unfortunately, it rained and a heavy storm breaks a huge tree that landed on the car. The car is wrecked.

The mechanic calls the owner to report the issue to him. The impatient owner gets angry and warns the mechanic to transform his car back to the way it was. He even threatens to sue the mechanic in court.

The mechanic has tried severally to reason out with the owner. He explains that it was a violent storm that caused the wreckage. The owner is vehemently refusing to agree with the mechanic. For him, all he wants is his car in good condition. "I left the car under your care and you should be liable for any damage", he said.

The issue has been reported to the police. The police have embarked on an extensive investigation into the matter. We are waiting for the police to make a final decision. But if it turns out that it was a storm that damaged the car, what would they do to the man? Will he have to buy a new one for his client?

I'm confused here. Let's know your take on this. Do you think the mechanic should be allowed to go scot-free? Or do you think he should buy a new car for his client? Or perhaps do you think he should compensate his client in any way? Please drop your comments.

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