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Road Accident

2 soldiers knocked down by a trotro at Teshie - Driver bolted leaving car behind

This morning welcomed us with two soldiers involving in a road traffic accident on the Teshie Lekma road. According to a good Samaritan, the trotro driver was on a high speed descending from mannet road toward Lekma hospital. '' I was following the trotro and am marveled how he manage to hit the soldiers on the motorbike on a double road stretch'' he explained.

According to the good Samaritan (withheld), the trotro driver left the soldiers on the ground and drove away but he managed to chased them and eventually arrested them due to the traffic on the road but the driver and mate bolted awayeaving the car behind.

He took the car and luckily for him, met two soldiers on the road, so he reported the whole incidents and handed over the trotro keys to them and left.

As at filing this report, the incident, has not yet being reported to the police and I know the military high command will take up steps and go to the scene to start their own investigations as they have been doing always.

The good Samaritan

This is the kind of people we want in Ghana, people who cares about others and see the need to help at all times. He wasted all his time and resources in following the case.

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Samaritan Teshie


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