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A mortuary attendant discloses how he saved the life of a young boy

A Senior Mortuary Attendant at the Bolgatanga medical clinic Alhassan Azaare Daniel has revealed how he saved the existence of a 9-year-old kid who was pronounced dead and almost stored at the funeral home. 

Alhassan, as he is prominently known portrayed the chilling story in a select meeting on Dreamz FM's nearby language program named 'Buure Yela' with Stanley Abopam. 

While giving a definite record of a portion of the peculiar and life-changing encounters of functioning as a funeral home man for more than 20 years, he referenced that he was in his standard line of obligation and got a from medical caretakers in the kids' ward to get the body of the 9-year-old. 

After arriving at the bed where the kid lay, he wrapped the little body and put him on the funeral home streetcar and made a beeline for the morgue. 

As indicated by Alhassan, while moving toward the mortuary, the young man hacked and wheezed nearly simultaneously. 

"At the point when he sniffled and hacked, I promptly halted and conveyed him delicately onto my shoulder and returned him to the ward. The medical caretakers began asking me for what good reason I was returning there with the body however I went directly to the bed and laid him there. I disclosed to them the kid was not dead. They were shocked," he said. 

He further clarified that the kid was quickly taken care of and consequently was released after he completely recuperated.

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Alhassan Bolgatanga


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