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Pastor found dead after a midnight service

Reverend! Reverend!! Reverend!!! Portia Esuumag kept shouting as she stood helplessly in front of the pastor's gate. It had been over ten minutes, the pastor was still not responding to Portia's knocking on his gate. Portia desperate to wake the man of God up so he can prepare for his appointment today, phoned a few close friends to come to her aid as the man of God wasn't responding. 

After over fifty minutes of shouting at the pastor's gate, one suggested they break the door open. He might be in trouble, that is not how he sleeps. Let's break the gate, the pastor's sister, Oforiwaa Henaman stated before calling for a carpenter to come and force open the gate for them. 

It took the four people; Portia Esuumag the pastor's cook, Oforiwaa Henaman the pastor's sister, the carpenter Asumadu and Madam Akatsi the pastor's neighbour, over thirty-two minutes before they were able to open the metal gate that separate the corridor from the living room.

Jesus!!! Oforiwaa Henaman, the pastor's sister shouted as she run into the hall. The metal gate of the house opens straight to a twenty feet corridor before the living room which houses the other rooms and kitchen of the three-bedroom house. Lord! Lord!! Lord!!! Madam Akatsi, the pastor's neighbour said as she fell to her knees and started weeping.

The tears of the three women; Portia, Oforiwaa and Madam Akatsi could not stop the carpenter Kwesi Asumadu from lifting the pastor on his shoulders and running out to the street for a taxi. Faithfully, a taxi driver was found but the pastor was long gone and couldn't survive even with the high speed the taxi went to get him to the Kumawu Polyclinic Hospital.

The pastor was confirmed dead at half-past five this morning when his body arrived at the Polyclinic. He was well and told me to come to wake him up so he could prepare for a meeting this morning, Portia narrated as tears kept flowing from her eyes. The pastor Eabel Kofi Henaman, the leader and senior pastor of Gospel Delivers Worship Centre at Kumawu at been found dead after a Thursday midnight service. 

The midnight service which started around nine-forty on Wednesday evening closed at quarter past one, when every member at the program departed to their houses. The pastor instructed Portia Esuumag, his cook and housekeeper to come to wake him up before six so he could plan and attend his seven o'clock meeting, but the man of God was found dead.

It is still not known what might have taken his life but many are speculating high blood pressure looking at the white substances that came from his mouth after his death. His tongue looked bitten which meant he struggled to die, inspecting doctor, Dr Amankwa Frederick stated after confirming the pastor's death.

The pastor is believed to have suffered high blood pressure eight months ago which he was admitted to the Kumawu Polyclinic for close to one week. It is likely the pressure came back after his tedious midnight service, the sister Oforiwaa stated in a teary voice. The body is still at the hospital waiting for further examination.

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