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Scary: List Of All 19 Charges/ Taxes Allegedly Paid At The Tema Harbour Surfaces.

The cost of goods and services, especially for imported good aside the cost of the item, includes components such as freight charges, insurance, cost of distribution and ultimately, import taxes.

The magnitude of each component can affect the prices of each item drastically, and a slight increase in any of the component could lead to exponential increase in the cost of the item.

This morning, a picture purporting to be a list of some 19 charges which importers pay before clearing thier goods was shared by Captain Smart, as he lamented on the high level of taxes levied on imported good.

The itemized count of these alleged taxes and levies add up to 19 on the list.

In spite of all these, some crucial details such as when this list above was printed, what item/ vehicles these taxes are being paid on or even the value of the items are missing from the details. In addition, the source could be in doubt, as it has no official log or stamp from any outfit on it.

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