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Kantamanto women cry onto government to fulfill their promises during fire outbreak

Recently, there was fire outbreak at Kantamanto market and lots of properties got burnt. Many people cried because their stores got burnt, lost all their staff and some do not even have money to purchase another products and sell to the public. 

Some of the market men and women are however, trying hard to go back to their places and start selling so as to get money to cater for themselves and their fanikes. They have contributed a little and have started repairing some places in the market.

They are also calling on the government to help them since their strength alone cannot help in rebuilding the market. They are crying on the government to help provide them with some basic things they will need in their businesses.  They said they have lost everything and if the government doesn't come in to help, they will not even get money to cater for their children even as school has resumed so they are pleading with the government to come to their aid.

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