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Madness or Poverty? Father Beats up 4yr Old Son with Laptop Charger for Requesting to Drink Malt.

Fatherhood is very important in every individual’s life. There are more consequences if the treatment from a father is damaging and detrimental to the physical and psychological of the child. This is the story of a man who has meted out severe punishment to his son for awkward reasons.

On Facebook, the mother of the 4yr old boy posted the image of the boy’s back with severe indentations of the charger's cable. This father had beaten the child because the son requested to drink malt from a visitor of the mother. Immediately the visitors left, the father decided to beat the child for appearing to be in demand for malt drink.

What sort of father does that? This abuse and violence on the side of the child. Even if he did something wrong, was the laptop cable the best item to use to punish him? Some fathers do this to their wards and the children will develop negative affection against them. Women on social media have grown angry and they really want the man arrested as soon as possible. Some also advised the lady to report the husband to his family and subsequently report him to the police.

This kind of man has the tendency to even beat the woman. He cannot serve as a good father and role model for the child if the child has resentment against him. For some mothers, he should simply be jailed and left there to rot as his child live a stress-free and violent-free life. But what do you think?


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