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Oyibi Traditional Area Has Finally Withdrawn The Alleged 30th September Holiday On Its Land

Following the recent release by the Oyibi Council on the supposed Holiday tomorrow, 30th September 2022. On Oyibi land.

The same outfit (Oyibi Council) has rescind that decision and have confirmed that the claim of 30th September 2022 being a public Holiday at Oyibi has been cancelled.

A letter making waves on social media has got netizens ranting about the decision.

The supposed letter reads, on behalf of Nii Boye Okanshan VI - greetings be extended to you all, the beginning part of the said letter mentioned.

Again, latter part of the letter declared that the council and elders of the Oyibi traditional area have withdrawn the said Holiday due to certain reasons.

Further, the council wrote that they would like to extend their apology to the the general public and especially to the good people of Oyibi on the cancelled Holiday which was to fall on 30th September, 2022.

The following shows the reactions of the people:

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