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Incredible Man With Extra Mouth On His Belly Pops Up Online

In a video that has popped online on YouTube is a man who is seen with an extra mouth on the belly trying to feed himself with snack through it. The video was posted by a YouTube channel with a name Curlykidlife and captioned it "Midnight snacking!". The man was taking snack at midnight through the mouth in his belly.

Screenshot of the post of the man with mouth on the belly on YouTube.

This incredible man with a mouth on his belly first poured a cup of milk in it and followed it by some biscuits, he then closed the fridge and went back to sleep because it was midnight. He ignored the mouth we all know which is on the head below the nose to use the one on the belly. But the question here is, is this real or it is an edit? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

Man with mouth on belly feeding through the belly with milk.Man with mouth on belly feeding through the belly with biscuits.Thank you for reading.

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