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Humor: Forget About Fixing Your Road-Even Thier Own Road Is Not Fixed Yet.

There is a popular adage translated directly in English as, "if nakedness says he will cloth you, just look at him", meaning a naked person cannot offer or afford to cloth you. Why is the person naked in the first place and not covered in cloth, let alone offer to cloth someone else. This adage is not far from what we have seen.

On the lighter side, if the one supposed to ensure your road is urbanized ( Department of Urban Roads) isn't having an urban road leading to its offices, how then do they urbanize yours. Its possible, but again, remember the adage.

Inspite of all these, we don't know exactly when this picture was taken, it could have been a very long time and by this time, the road had been fixed, or it could be the current state of the road as we speak.

If you a close to the place or know a thing or two about the true nature of the road, let us know in the comments session.

But for now, only one thing runs through our minds, "if nakedness says he will cloth you, just look at him".

Stay tuned for more.

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