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Dampare and his men have put a smile on the faces of Ghanaians.

It is very hard to hear that police officers kill armed Robbers. But it is very easy to hear that armed Robbers kill police officers. We can observe that the trend is changing and the New IGP Geroge Akuffo Dampare and his men have put a smile on the faces of Ghanaians by doing the unexpected.

Police officers kill four criminals in Accra and this kind of news does not happen in Ghana over the days. We always hear that they have been arrested not killed. But the situation in Accra today have change the whole story as Ghanaians are happy to see it happening under the watch of Dampare.

It is not longer news to some of us to hear that armed Robbers are now into Juju operations and hence they think they are fearless and fearful. If not for the sake of Juju it will be very difficult for a criminal and for that matter an armed Robber to stand before the police or security personnel to exchange gun shots. But this are always happening in Ghana and most of the armed Robbers think their Juju can save them.

But let us put it on records that there is time for everything. There is time to be born and there is time to die. This applies to all those who use Juju or charm in their various emdevours. It will certainly not last forever. It time will surely come and it will expire.

The current situation at hand made us to trust the Powers of God and that there is no Power above that of the almighty God. The Current incident that occurred at Shiashi in Accra this afternoon 9th August 2022 is a clear indication that most of the armed Robbers think that their Juju powers can save them at a point of need or when they are confronted with critical events.

The four 4 armed Robbers believe in themselves so much that they can battle with the police in terms of exchange of Bullets. But thier trust did not help them. They were all killed by the police officers as none of them was able to escape. Looking at the situation whereby the armed Robbers were able to stand to face the police, then we are likely to say that they believe in juju powers and they think their Juju can save them. If this is true then it portrays that their Juju have come to a successful end and they will meet their maker at the day of judgement.

We appreciate the good works of the Police officers for killing all the four Notorious armed Robbers in Accra this afternoon without showing mercy and pity on them. If these killing will continue, them we will be able to eradicate this canker from our nation and community. No matter the hardship and the high cost of living, armed Robbery should not be the best option to even think of. Let work and be proud of our good and hard work.

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