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Sporadic Gunshots, Two Broad Daylight Robberies In A Week Must Be A Concern For IGP Dampare


In just one week the city of Accra has been hit by two broad daylight robberies leaving in its shadow deadly scars. Lives have been lost, and huge amounts of money taken away by these robbers.


The very first was reported at Achimota on Monday, was right at the nose of CCTV camera and in a busy street. This crime is still under investigation by the police and nothing much has been heard of from their quarters about an arrest or attempts to track these armed robbers down.


Today, another Ghanaian had fallen victim to this broad daylight robber. This time, it is at Weija-Gbawe and it happened just when the victim was driving on a lower gear over a speed rump. The victim had according to sources had just withdrawn cash from a bank inside West Hill Mall and is retiring to whence he came from.


The armed robbers were on two motorbikes and threatened the victim at gunpoint taking away the cash and bolted within minutes. A few gunshots were fire sporadically, thereby scaring off residents in the area. This was the same modus operandi the robbers in Achimota employed on Monday.


Plotting these two areas where such robberies have been recorded, one could tell these crimes are being perpetrated by some organized gang. The two crime scenes are just about 11 kilometers apart; thus 35 minutes of driving time apart.


All these crimes happened at spots without any police visibility or patrols. It thus begs to ask how the police are responding to this crisis. Yes, CCTV cameras have been installed, it thus does not prevent these criminals from executing their criminal operations.


The Inspector-General of Police IGP George Akuffo Dampare started his work with some impressive attacks on armed robbers by reinforcing the Anti-Robbery Taskforce. Their operations are felt much on the highway than in the communities and crime-prone areas.


It would be right to call the IGP out to be swift in his operations and deploy a covert team to patrol communities and make Ghana safe. We cannot risk being thrown into panic any time we transact a business from the bank.

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