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1 Year old child found in deep forest by Soldiers. Find out what she was doing.

The Sambisa Forest is in Borno State, northeast Nigeria. It is in the southwestern part of Chad Basin National Park, about 60 kilometres southeast of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State.

Three soldiers found the baby crawling in the forest. At first, they thought the baby was being used to track them.

According to our reports it is believed that Inside the forest, that is where Boko Haram hideout is held.

So they watched for a very long time and observed as the baby crawled into a pit. Looking closely they discovered a dead body of a woman inside the hole. They saw the baby get close to the dead body to suck breast.

The lower part of the dead woman had already rotten. Remaining from the waist up. That was what GOD used to preserve this baby. WONDERS SHALL NEVER END,

Our GOD still perform miracles ,praise GOD.

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