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Theft robbery

Policemen caught stealing.

In the chaos that has engulfed South Africa, two policemen have been caught looting from a mall. The two men who came in their private vehicles with one in a police uniform were caught with the loot in their vehicles.

Some good South African citizens who chanced on the loot couldn't help taking shots of these criminal men in uniform. One of the men can be seen doing all in his power to hide his identity.

One person in the crowd laments about the immorality of the men in uniform who are supposed to uphold the law and provide security to lives, homes and businesses. She goes on to take shots of the registration plates of the vehicles of the two policemen.

Among the items looted by the policemen are packs of tissue papers, cartons of milk, gallons of cooking oil, household chemicals and soap.

It is hoped that when things calm down, these two policemen can punished to serve as a deterrent to other law enforcement officers.

Content created and supplied by: Antwi-NuamahEugene (via Opera News )

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