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Husband and wife relationship

A man caught his friend sleeping with his wife and takes a selfie to show it to his in law

This picture has made a lot of people laugh on social media because of what their husband did to their wife and friend. The girl is his wife and the man is his best friend but it seems his friend has been sleeping with his wife when he is not around. Later he caught his friend in his room sleeping with his wife and decided not to do anything to them. He just told them he want to take a selfie with them to show it to his inlaw. He didn't do anything to them but he just took a selfie with them and left.

People on social media have been laughing because looks very funny. Even though it was not a good thing for her husband to disgrace them like that but the way the husband make serious makes the picture funny. His friend and his looks very shy and ashamed because of what they did.

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