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MadMan Hangs On A High Tension Wire In Walwale

A madman have found his way up on a high tension wire. Information intercepted on social stated that this incident occurred at Walewale.

However, the man is a resident of the community in Walewale. The reason and how he managed to get up there nobody seems to know.

Meanwhile, this has become a challenge to the community because it is very dangerous for him to continue hanging on a life wire.

According to the people in the Walewale community, they have done everything in their power to bring him down but all their efforts have proven futile.

We are finding it difficult to communicate with him clearly because he is mentally challenged and he is not even listening to us at all. He has been hanging there for hours.

our worry is that it's a high tension were the power through the wires are very high that might cause him harm.

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MadMan Walewale


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