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Road Accident

Video: The Craziest Accident In Ghana

A serious accident has happen this morning in one of the towns in Ghana. This accident is the craziest of all due to it's nature.

This kind of accident has never happened in Ghana before. The car runs into an electric pole breaking it into two. After the electricity pole broke into two, one half of it pierced into the front glass of the car.

Infact it looks crazy. Aside the crazy nature of the accident, it looks so dangerous on the side of the driver and any passenger on board.

The electric cables also pose a lot of danger their lives. There is a lot of people around watching then in amazement.

The people over there are really shock after seeing this kind of accident in their locality.

The words coming from the people's mouth are all around the crazy nature of the accident. What everyone in the video says is that, this is the craziest accident in Ghana.

Below is the video of the accident and it shows the place of the incident as well.

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Have a nice day.

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