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3 Prisons where prisoners are allowed to live with their wives and children,

Prisons may differ from factor to factor depending on on the type of prisoners being held there and their level of notoriety and crime rate. In some foreign countries people convicted of minor crimes are not confined in much serene environments rather than the more notorious criminals.

Let us look at a few prisons around the world who allow prisoners or inmates to live with their wives and children while serving their jail term and may not feel neglected due to the presence of their family.

1.Women national prison of Honduras is the only single gender prison in Honduras and houses about 700 inmates and has a total of 49 children of the inmates this prison.

It is has conducive working environment and fitted with beautiful designs and structures conducive enough for the children to be able to live happily with their parents.

2.Aranjuez Prison is a Spanish prison located in the municipality of aranjuez in the Spanish capital of Madrid , this prison seeks to correct inmates by uniting them with their families and providing rehabilitation lessons in order to bring them back into good citizens without tampering on their fundamental human rights and privileges.

3.Justice center prison in Austria is so conducive that inmates sometimes forget they are prisoners as the environment appears so beautiful that many may think it is a mansion.

Inmates are provided the opportunity to live with their family and have several rights and privileges as free civilians as the prison has facilities such as a a gym, movie showroom and a mini class room to learn skills.

Which of these prisons do you think is favorable enough for you to stay , don’t be shy to comment and please share this article to your friends and family thanks for reading.

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2.Aranjuez Prison Austria Honduras Spanish


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