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Couple Who Got Stuck While Doing The Unthinkable In Lake Bosomtwe Have Finally Spoken

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The couple who dominated news headlines as they plunged into Lake Bosomtwi picking the forbidden fruit finally broke the silence after the video went viral. While confirming the news to Angel TV, MP area noted that the video that went viral was a scene from a film that was filmed on Africa's largest lake.

Before they go to the lake to shoot a movie, they come to him to take them to the local Ada chief for official permission. He said the victims were not a married couple as Ghanaians thought.

Keep in mind that the video of the couple went viral on the Ghanaian internet. The video shows the two crying for mercy from the gods who caused their trap. The young man kept shouting "3she me" to feel a lot of pain, "also known as aka mu, aka mu, awurade hu me m) b)" to stab himself, have mercy on me.

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