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Man Narrowly escapes death after his car fell into a huge storm drain after heavy rainfall [video]

Heavy rain is one of the top destructive forces of nature. Running rain water is capable of carrying anything in its way, from trees to cars and even houses. Some parts of the world are regarded as flood prone areas where floods are most likely to occur. In order to reduce to probability of a flood occurring, most cities and metropolises tend to construct huge storm drain that collect large volumes of rain water after a heavy down pour. Although they are a great solution to reducing the occurrence of a flood, they can be very dangerous when they are filled to the brim, hence the need for proper railing around the edges of these drains.The story of thean in this article is one that many regard as a divine intervention.

The volume of rain that poured down in Ajmer, India was one of the highest ever recorded. The Islamic majority town sits on one of the lowest lands in India. The place is known as a flood prove zone because of its geographical position. City authorities have therefore constructed a number of huge storm drains to collect the large volumes of rain water that can accumulate at the place.

It is rather unfortunate that of the rails on these drains are in a bad state. Heavy rainfall that was recorded at the place yesterday caused the asphalt road to become very slippery. A man who was driving on one of the roads accidentally skidded his vehicle and landed himself in one of the huge gutters. The volume of water in the drain was enough to carry him together with his car away.

Fortunately for this man, a low profile concrete bridge which crossed the drain was there to save him. Because the car was floating on the surface of the water and not fully submerged, it stopped moving when it came into with the bridge. Luckily for him, people at the place mastered courage to jump onto to car and rescued him and he had his life.

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