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Check Out What These Guys Were Captured Doing On A Light Pole That Is Causing Stir Online

Working on an electrical pole without protective clothing can be very dangerous. You need to have some safety boots, helmet among others to guarantee your safety whiles working on them. Looking at the picture below, five guys are working on an electrical pole.

One cannot tell what they are actually doing but the guy on the topmost part seems to be working on an electrical wire. Just check the dangerous arrangement they made instead of using a ladder. They arranged two empty barrels and made three of them hold them as two climbed up. They are not even wearing shirts or sleepers.

If the one working on the electrical cable gets electrocuted there is a high probability that all of them will also be electrocuted. Also, the probability of the guy working on the electrical wire falling down is very high, and if that happens, the one holding him on his shoulder will also fall down.

Many Ghanaians after coming across this broke into laughter but others advise that this is extremely dangerous that no one should try no matter how desperate you are to get your light back or TV back on. Others also said that this is Africa's lifestyle that we seem to make a mockery of dangerous thing but when it results in death we blame Satan.

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