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Agradaa's Lookalike Wishes To Take Her Son With Her When She Finally Dies

This world is a beautiful place to spend your life in but most times certain situations makes it so sad to live in. A story of a beautiful woman who is slowly dying on her sick bed and the kind of requests she has been making will make you weep.

This sick woman known to be Charity Mbogo is a Kenyan woman and she looks exactly like our own Nana Agradaa. These two people look exactly them same. If they aren't in tow different countries we could have said they are twins.

Charity Mbogho who has been sick for a while was visited by Kenyan media personality Lynn Ngugi in her house and she had a very lovely conversation with her concerning her health and that of her son. Charity Mbogho has been visited for a while by Lynn Ngugi and both have had several talks about her terminal illness and her son's autism. She can't stand nor walk and suffering from a partial stroke.

Charity's only son is autistic and she doesn't want to leave him behind, she is scared the person that will take the child will not take care of him like she will do. She even wished that she goes with her son when she dies. She said, "I wish God takes both of us"

Even though she also want to give out the child but she wants someone who will take him for the ends, bring him back and consistently visiting him and her mother for sometime before taking full responsibility of her son.

She wants the person who would love to take her son to be patient and understanding besides autistic children needs to be taken care of with patient and understanding.

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