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May God Help This Generation: See What This Beautiful Lady Is Doing On A Grave That Got People Angry

Charity, they say, begins at home. Teenagers nowadays are becoming something else due to what they see on TV and what they see every day on social media.

The world is gradually turning on its head, that's why strange things happen every day. People tends to do things that please their minds without minding what people think or what the consequences of their actions would be.

This young girl was filmed twerking on a grave while gracing the burial ceremony of a member who passed away after a brief illness.

Although it was a big surprise to the public, but it's nothing new to the members of their community because that has been the usual way of giving a befitting burial ceremony to the deceased.

This incident happened in the Western part of Kenya. It is also mandatory that the dead body normally spend some days with the family and become finally laid to rest, that is according to the culture of the western Kenya.

Do you think this type of practice is normal? Let's hear your own opinion

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