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They Look Very Scary; Are They Police Officers Or Masquerades?

Currently, the training given to police officers in Ghana can be said to be as equal as the training given to the military. Even though soldiers will always be soldiers and will continue to be as scary as they have always been.

There is this picture that has been circulating on a particular platform on Facebook and people are wondering if they are actually police officers or masquerades.

These Pictures were released by the Ghana Police Service and you can see the logo of the police service on the down right corner of the pictures but Ghana The Black Star of Africa Facebook platform released them.

These pictures were captioned as the training regime of the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) of the Ghana Police Service. They are trained to overcome every security situation with skill and grit, said by the page.

But a particular picture of the Police Officers under going training looks very scary and people were worried if they are Masquerades or Police officers under training.

Below is the picture that has received consistent comments.

The above picture is the actual picture that has made people to ask if they are Masquerades or Police officers?.

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