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The Blood Thirsty Ring

A 19 year old guy from Kasua in the central region of Ghana nearly got his finger sever off if not a timely intervention of a mallam who rescue him.

The report had it that , the guy visited his friend house yesterday. He found a ring on the ground and instead of asking his friends who might have drop the ring mistakenly, he rather secretly put the ring on. He woke up this morning only to realized that, the ring has been so tight on his finger. The previous night the ring was loose on his finger but the Margic happened during the night. The pain and the blood that was oozing furiously from the finger was very difficult to bear.

The suspect who dropped the ring was contacted on the phone and this is what he reportedly said.The ring is a ritual ring. He said the ring is a spiritual ring and it is time for a day old baby’s blood to be sacrificed to it, so if fortunately blood is oozing from his ow finger that could pacify it. Also water should not have touched it. Again he should not have left the ring on overnight. One revelation is also that the suspect does not live in the neighbourhood. He is very rich living in another vicinity with cars and mansions.

Rather unfortunately the blood oozing from the guys finger could not do the pacification.The family had to contact a mallam at exorbitant cost to remove the ring from the guy’s finger.

The guy is some how free today but who knows what tomorrow holds for him since the incident is spiritual oriented.

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Blood Thirsty Ring Kasua Margic


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