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Captain Smart vents his spleen on live TV: Why we have not given the Police these two things ?

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The rains had caused flooding in several areas of Accra and Captain Smart was not happy about how certain things are done in the country in relation to managing floods.

This Morning Captain Smart on his show discussed how the Police should be managed, and the impact of the rains on Accra and he enlightened his viewers on how workers ought not to use the rains as an excuse to stay home. Captain Smart further raised some questions on how politicians have not done well in managing the flooding situation in Ghana. He explained that there were a few things that he ought to expose to the general public to ensure quick solutions. Captain Smart also spoke about the flooding situation in Circle and other areas in Accra.

Captain Smart emphasized the fact that on his way to work, he realized that most of the main roads were flooded. He mentioned that he even some water in front of the 'Jubilee house ' environment. He exclaimed that he was worried that the country could not find solutions to its perennial flooding situation. Captain Smart explained that even though the meteorological department has forecasted that the rains will keep drizzling to around 10 am, he can project that they have outmoded machines which might not have read that the rains could even continue till maybe 5 pm in the evening.

Captain Smart also used his platform to advise viewers to ensure that they do hide behind the rains to stay away from work. He used himself as an example and explained how he left home at dawn in his raincoats to come to work.

Captain Smart said he was not happy about how the Ghana Police personnel are paid low salaries and are not provided two basic things during the rainy season. He requested that the Ghana Police service should provide raincoats and touch to facilitate the excellent work done by its personnel. According to Captain Smart, providing them with the right logistics will spur them to perform more effectively for the development of the country. Captain Smart vented his spleen on the challenges the police are facing despite their desire for integrity. He asked if it would not be proper for him to gift at least 200ghs to a policeman to buy a raincoat? He also asked if the wealthy people in Ghana would be making any mistake if they procure raincoats and torches for the Ghana Police?

Is it right for him to buy a raincoat for a Policeman ? Should the rich people in the country sponsor the purchase of logistics for the Policemen? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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