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People Call My 78-Year-Old Mother A Witch: Meet The Boy Who Has Promised To Die With His Sick Mother

Hope is been able to see the day's light despite all the darkness. There is never a night or darkness that could defeat sunrise or hope. It raises our spirits and cleanses us from all filthiness of the dark and that of the spirits.

There is always a special way to call someone special but what then comes of it when that special person you can suffer and labour for is not been seen as special in the sight of others.

Meet Meyego, the son of a 78-year-old mother who has for the past twelve (12) years seen his biological mother turned into something different and the only name she could hear his mother pronouncing is 'Maria' known in English as 'Mary'; the mother of Jesus Christ.

Mama Meyego was a very prayerful woman who was always seen at the church premises praying or organizing the married women for counseling and conference among others that were seen godly in the sight of men.

One day, Mama Meyego got sick and she was quickly rushed to the hospital but unfortunately, she turned into a coma even before the doctors and nurses could attend to her. She was left for days with no food and water and with nothing seeming possible of her life after.

On her return back home from the hospital, Mama Meyego could never talk, reason with someone, bath on her own, eat on her own, walk on her own and the name that comes out of her mouth is 'Mary'. 'Maria' was now the only word she called everything or everyone she sees.

One unfortunate day, Mama Meyego, unfortunately, turned into a weird person of a sort as she got burnt. This happened after she tried cooking on her own cooking. This wasn't appropriate because this was the woman who has been living her life like someone who could hardly do something. This was her only option since she has starved herself for more than four (4) days without food or water.

Since she wasn't fit for the task, Mama Meyego fell into a set fire, burnt the kitchen, and burnt her body, deforming her body and face as a result. After all her children returned from school, Mama Meyego was found in the kitchen burnt.

Now, Mama Meyego who had one lovely family and could boast of three (3) girls and a boy is alone by herself with her son Meyego as the only person at her aid. Her children had grown, married, and living lives of their own.

Meyego who remains the only son of Mama Meyego has sacrificed herself to live with her sick mother and is convinced to die with her mother if that is what destiny will choose for them.

"Many called my mother a whole lot of names including a witch, the punished woman among other..." - Meyego said to Afrimax Tv.

The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for and can do and to live inside that hope.

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