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Road Accident

Terrible scene in Accra: Armed Robbers made away with 5,000 Ghana Cedis from husband and Wife.

It was a terrible scene in Accra this afternoon as group of armed men forced husband and wife in their private car and took an amount of 5,000.Gha Cedis from them. The operation of the armed Robbers is still unbelievable to some of us. We don't even know how they manage to see that the man and the woman in the vehicle were in possessed with such a huge amount.

From the video which was displayed this afternoon on Angel TV, there were for motorcycle with two men each sitting or riding on each of the motorcycle. They are 8 in number and they possessed powerful Guns. The story indicated that, the husband and wife were in their private car heading towards their Destination only to realise that they were sorrounded by armed men on Weija Road in Accra.

With the power of their weapons, the armed Robbers were able to command their vehicle to stop without delay and they started firing into the atmosphere. Fear grasp the man and his wife of which the wife quickly run out of the car to seek refuge somewhere leaving the man in the Car.

Since life is more important than wealth, the man handed all the money 💰 he had in the vehicle amounting to 5,000.00 Cedis to the Armed Robbers and the armed Robbers depart from the scene.

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