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Following the fire outbreak in the upper west region in December last year

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The sad news that penetrated the heart of all people in the upper west region was the incident of fire outbreak that took place one hot afternoon in Wa, the capital town of the upper west region. You might have heard of the incident long ago but these are matters arising after the fire out break which I was present.

The fire service were called to the scene, but unfortunately could not solve the problem. This made the long truck burned completely despite the presence of the fire fighters.

The fire fighters brought three of their water cars but it all ended up meaningless.

These made the residents complain about the job of the fire fighters.

Many people are also saying that, the fire service personnel intentionally delayed when the call reached them.

Not only that, but the motor Kings in the truck that got burned are said to be secretly taking away by some unknown people.

The incident happened on the Wa to Lawra main road closer to the upper west regional hospital.

What do you think cause the inability of the fire fighters to rescue the burning truck.

Share your views in the comments box to help the people understand the work of the fire service.

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