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Danger: See What These People Were Doing In The Middle Of A High Way

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This issue is trending now on social media platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram. I got surprised when I saw all this responses from individuals. I don't know why everyone is allowed to do what ever he or she wants in the country, it's true we're are in a free industry but some unlawful acts must stop immediately. I think government must instruct the police service to go hard this time around especially on the highway because some citizens are doing nothing but putting their life in danger

This people were spotted in a middle of a highway traveling and the funny aspect was that some of them sat at the backboot whiles it was open. Infact this can cause a hole lot of damages if the driver looses control at that moment. Take a look at a caption of that moment

Ghana is full of big problems that must be solved before it's too late. Comment down below if you have any contributions and also share this article to your love ones

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