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Look at the Beautiful Ankobra River which has been polluted by 'Galamsey' - What do you think?

The Ankobra River which acts as a boundary between the Ellembelle District and the Nzema East Municipal is primarily situated in Ghana. It rises north of Wiawso and flows about 190 kilometres south to the Gulf of Guinea.

Over the years, the Ankobra River has played a significant role in the socio-economic activities of individuals and companies within its catchment area.

The beautiful Ankobra River has in recent times lost its natural look due to the exploitation of major minerals which include gold, manganese, bauxite and diamond.

The Ankobra River is faced with many challenges which include the activities of illegal minners popularly known as Galamsey, pollution from indiscriminate discharge of untreated mine effluents, indiscriminate use of chemicals especially DDT for fishing and many others.

One of the most challenging facing the Ankobra River is the illegal mining activities (Galamsey).

In 2017, the government of Ghana placed an indefinite ban on small-scale mining activities in its quest to find a solution to the illegal mining scourge.

Weak implementation and the lack of enforcement of laws remains one on the biggest challenges in the fight against illegal mining in Ghana.

All efforts made to clamp down the activities of illegal minners in Ghana has been left to rot as illegal minners have a stronger will and have more creative in sustaining their activities.

Many of our water bodies which include the Ankobra River which suffered a lost in its natural beauty during the fight against illegal minners has been polluted 'dangerously' this time.

Below are photos showing the Past and Current Ankobra River.

What do you think should be done to save Ankobra River today?

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