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Why do Black Girls have Bigger Hips and Booty than other Races of Girls

Researches revealed that African men love women with bigger hips and others also like big booty too. Fortuanately most African ladies have bigger hips which the simple reason is exposed below.

Africa has been through various droughts and famines for thousands of years. The human body is amazing. During droughts and famines, people (mainly women) adapted to store fat and water around their center of gravity (hips, thighs, and buttock). Scientists call this Steatopygia. Steatopygia - Wikipedia

Steatopygia is a metabolic process and a way of ensuring a woman has proper nutrients for their child and themselves. This was a common trait, but not everyone had it. Before people left Africa at one point and time, all women were African. Africans typically have greater bone density and women have higher Estrogen and men have more Testosterone, these traits were common in all people in Africa (biology adapts with geography).

Africans are still the most genetically diverse group of people on Earth, however, as people left Africa, these metabolic process did not spread much outside of Africa and the level of genetic diversity started to dwindle for non-Africans (very few non-African populations carry this trait).

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