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Military Officer Caught On Camera In A Heated Argument With A Woman (Video)

Over the years, the millitary persons are seen to be people people accord soo much of respect to, due to the nature of their work and some people too tend to gear them for the famous say, "do before complain" which is attributed to them as they normally take strict actions before listening to what their victims have to say.

A millitary man is seen in a video online having a heated argument with a fine lady in the middle of the road with a lot of people gathered around them.

From the noises on the background, it was heard that, the soldier seized the woman's license staying that he did so because he realised the woman was trying to switch lanes while driving and it looks as if the two cars, his and that of the woman nearly collided.

The woman on the other hand also failed to agree with his allegations and said that she made sure she maintained her Lane but it was rather the soldier who tried switching.

According to the woman, she knew she wasn't at fault and hence was not scared of going to the police station and persisted that they report the case there so the one at fault gets punished.

The sellers and other people around also advised the two to take the case to the police station and end their argument.

The woman who was involved with the millitary man how made it to the awareness of the man that she was not afraid of his uniform bevause her husband was also a millitary Officer.

This is a very good motivation to our women who sit and allow themselves to be bullied by men to know that it is time for them also to rise and speak for themselves.

Womanhood does not make one a slave to the master(man). Ladies must see how this woman stood and fought for herself so that they do not always hide themselves in "their shell" and suffer always.

Let us also not be persons that treat others badly because of our profession or positions in society.

We are all one people and there is no need to abuse others.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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