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Hot Video: CCTV Footage Of How Unmasked Armed Robbers Attacked A Bullion Van At Tarkwa

The world is now sophisticated with various technologies. Now, there are CCTV cameras at almost every location to detect moves by individuals. It becomes easy to playback the recorded video whenever the need be. This is exactly what has happened in Tarkwa.

The morning of Monday, October 18, 2021, was chaotic for the resident living around the Ransbet Supermarket in Tarkwa. Armed robbers attacked some bank workers who had gone for over one hundred thousand Ghana cedis from the Ransbet Supermarket with a bullion van to the bank.

Authorities of the Supermarket have released a CCTV footage of how the armed robbers took the money from the bank staff. The bank workers came with a white bullion van that was parked at the premises of the Supermarket. From the CCTV footage available, the driver who was in a white shirt came down from the bullion van and tried to open the bucket for his colleague to drop the money inside.

One of the armed robbers who were in a black cap and red shirt was already in the supermarket. Just as one of the bank staff who has been identified as a teller was descending the stairs to drop the money in the bullion van, the armed robber who was already in the supermarket attacked her with a gun and took the money which was wrapped in a bag. He then started firing warning shots and that scared others who were standing there. They suddenly started running for their lives because the gunshots took them by surprise.

At the same moment, another armed robber was already on a motorbike but was not immediately captured by the CCTV footage. After realizing his colleague has successfully taken the money, he came from nowhere to the road and the other one with the money jumped on the motorbike and they both left the scene.

The bank workers, including the driver, could be seen standing at the car park helplessly whilst the armed robbers left the scene using one of the busiest roads in the area. The video can lead the police in identifying the armed robbers because they were unmasked and the face of the one who picked the money at gunpoint can easily be identified upon a thorough examination of the video. This can be a good lead for the Ghana Police Service. Watch the CCTV footage here

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