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Road Accident

Timber truck crashes three to death at Bediako Road, Mim

Timber truck crashes three to death at Bediako Road, Mim

Two passengers and a driver of a sedan private vehicle have lost their lives after they crashed with a timber truck. The sedan private car which was driving from Goaso to Mim was using the Bediako Highway which is used by a motorist because of its short distance when he crashed the timber truck at Odom corner. From the Odom corner to min is a road which is used by small vehicles because of the numerous corners and curves the highway has, and it wasn't a surprise when the driver of the private vehicle used the same road to Mim. Right after the Odom Corner, almost nine minutes away from Mim was when the private sedan suddenly came after the timber truck. Impatient made the private sedan driver overtake the timber truck on a curve ahead, without looking at what was opposite of him. The driver miscalculated his chances looking at the slow speed the timber truck was delaying his movement.

The sedan private vehicle was halfway through the overtaking in the other lane when another vehicle, a minibus suddenly approached. In other to avoid casualties, the private sedan thought it can hide under the timber truck looking at how raised it was but another misjudged idea sent both the timber truck and the private vehicle veering off the road and crashing a tick tree farm. Both the timber truck and the sedan went off the road crushing each other. The two passengers and the driver of the sedan did not survive the accident as the timber truck crashed them all to death. The minibus was not affected as the accident happened.

It took residents over fifty minutes before they were able to get fire trucks and ambulance to the accident scene but all the victims of the private vehicle were gone when they were all brought from the car. The timber driver and his loading mate were all in sound and healthy condition as nothing happened to them. Residents blamed the timber driver for using the Bediako road because of the narrow nature of the road and the numerous curves the road has. 

Residents have since the beginning of the Bediako highway construction in 2017, has tried to prevent timber drivers from using the road because of its short distance from and to Mim. The drivers of the timber trucks have refused to stop using the Bediako road because of its short distance and asphalt nature despite the numerous curves on the road. The other road which was created for Timber trucks lies in the forest where the timbers are harvested and joins the Goaso road at Mim junction but timber drivers have refused using the road because of thelong-distance it covers and the bad nature of it and rather prefers the Bediako road because of its asphalt nature and short distance. 

While some were blaming the timber driver for using the Bediako road, others blamed the sedan driver for not being patient before overtaking the timber truck. The bodies have been deposited at the Goaso hospital mortuary while towing trucks are been arranged to tow the timber truck this morning.

Content created and supplied by: RockyJDJones (via Opera News )

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