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I Was Beaten Up By My Best Friend For Doing It With His Wife. Man Says In Tears.

Everyday we are always tempted by our ladies and without patience we will fall into their temptations.

A man narrated his sad story to the police for his for receiving beatings from his best friend.

According to the man he said it wasn't his fault for doing or having an affairs with the wife of his best friend but the woman was the person who really forced him to do it with her because she can't control herself on that moment.

According to statement the husband of the woman traveled for work meetings and his wife called his best friend to come home an take a look at something for her and he also did so and went to the house.

He added that upon arrival when they were having a chart the wife said she was on the mood so he should help her but he insisted not to do it and the woman forced him and they did it.

He reported that, when they were enjoying the gate opened once and what he could see was his friend returning from the meeting and at that moment he received beatings bitterly on his face and at that moment his face changed.

He narrated his story with tears.

Do you support the beatings or not?

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