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TV3 Will Not Give You Their Platform To Explain Anything – Johnnie Hughes

The weekend has seen heavy rains in different parts of the country. Several places in the capital have been flooded as a result of the heavy rains. This is a scenario that has been happening for decades and yet successive governments have done very little to curb this. On Johnnies Bite on TV3 today, Monday, May 23, 2022 Johnnie Hughes revealed a news item dating to 2018 where the Works and Housing Minister then, Samuel Atta Kyea mentioned that Ghana’s drainage problems will be solved permanently.

The minister then explained that the government has released 17.3 million cedis for this. He even added that President Akufo-Addo was committed to add 200 million to help solve this problem that occurs yearly. Johnnie raised questions as to why Accra still floods despite these investments. He queried where the monies went to. According to Johnnie, the Minister slept on his job and his predecessor, Asenso Boakye is also sleeping on the job.

Johnnie also lashed out at NADMO for doing nothing since Saturday to help the people who lost properties. Johnnie explained that it is either NADMO was under funded or that the institution had wasted the money. Surprisingly, Johnnie added that when he exposes government officials and institutions they write long letters to Media General’s TV3 so that they are given airtime to explain their point.

“NADMO, go and take your bath and go to work. We won’t give you airtime to explain anything. Go and take your bath and go to work. Don’t eat breakfast. Go and work” Johnnie said

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