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Wizard And Witches Are Real, Use This Plant Leaf From Nzema And Ewe To Protect Yourself.

It is believe in some villages in Nzema and Ewe that, the people there use cassava leaf to protect themselves against gunshot, spiritual attacks and from witches and wizard. The leaves of cassava is very powerful to the extend that, even though is used to such bad or evil spirit away from, you can also use the same cassava leaves to draw them closer to you. Pushing the bad spirit closer to you using the cassava leaves is a bad omen. I will humbly advice you not to try that in your entire life.

How The Leaf Is Prepare And Used

1.Get the leaves that can cover your right arm

2.Wash it with "anotre"

3.Fixing the seven leaves around the right arm.

4.Wait for 20 to 30 minute and remove the leaves

Some Good Benefit

1.Protect you from accidents

2.Erradicate you from any misfortunes

3.It protect you from road accident on the road.

4.Sack all evil spirit away from you.

5.Protect you from witches and wizard.

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Ewe Nzema Wizard And Witches


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