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Shatta Bundle Consoles Dr Bawumia At His Mother's Funeral.

Shatta Bundle is Ghanaian social media celebrity who trills his fans with funny videos and comments. During the funeral of the mother of Vice president of Ghana, he went there to show support for the vice president.

Responses to death and the rituals and beliefs surrounding it tend to vary widely across the world. In all societies, however, the issue of death brings into focus certain fundamental cultural values. The various rituals and ceremonies that are performed are primarily concerned with the explanation, validation and integration of a people's view of the world.

Black, with its traditional association with gloom and darkness, has been the customary colour of mourning for men and women in Ghana since the fourteenth century. However, it is important to note that though there is widespread use of black to represent death, it is not the universal colour of mourning; neither has it always provided the funeral hue even in Western societies.

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