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Details: My Husband Was About To Go To Abroad Before Robbers Stabbed Him – Sunyani

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This afternoon the news is coming from Sunyani “Abubanso"The issue on ground is that, oflate the rate at which death and arm robbery is going high is too much. 

Why am I saying this, a young man has been stabbed by robbers inside Sunyani “Abubanso". We were told that, the area is a very cool place, so it's more unless like a new site, and almost all the people around the place are government workers. We have doctor's, teachers and police men.

Per the report we had from his own wife, the man, popularly known as “Domre" is a well learned person who has completed his degree program and has intended to further his studies abroad. He has submitted all the necessary documents and it's left with the last document for him to submit so that he will pack his things and live. He was there when he had a call from abroad that he should prepare to submit his last paper and commence his studies, by then as I said earlier he was teaching so he need to go and seek for permission from the headmaster before going. Be went to ask for permission and trust me the head granted him the permission since it's a good news. 

What touched our heart was that, not knowing when the man was going home, robbers were also robbing in the area. He got to his entrance and saw that, his door has been broken and dismantled, he quickly rushed to the room and there was the robbers.

Trust me, the robbers have taken all the important things in the room and they were about removing his plasma, so upon seeing them, he tried to prove his manhood to them by fighting. As the wife said, they pierced her husband severally with knife and cut him roughly. 

The wife concluded by saying, she called her husband earlier to check up on him, but no one picked up the call. So when she closed from work, she also got home and saw that their door was not in a good condition, only for her to enter - there lies her husband bleeding from almost all his body, so she shouted on top of her voice for help, until their neighbors came to rush the man to the hospital including the Police. 

I think the man did a mistake, why? If it was me, I would have run away for the items to be taken rather than facing them to retrieve my items. He is even lucky they were not with guns.

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