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May God Help This Generation: See What This Beautiful Lady Did at Public Event That Got People Angry

Women are always trending online for different reasons. They like to go viral by doing things that others have never done before. African women have always been known for their modesty and good behaviour, but that perspective is changing gradually because civilisation is taking over in our women's lives.


Indecency has now become the order of the day in Africa. Women now find it attractive to display their goodies. They now find pleasure in exposing their bodies in public without feeling remorseful about it. The way our women expose their bodies in public is becoming a big concern and something that is gradually damaging the reputation of the African continent.

This beautiful lady did the unthinkable by attending her friend's wedding ceremony almost half-naked. The lady was sitting confidently at the event, not minding other people's eyes on her. She intentionally wore the cloth, knowing fully that her chest was fully exposed. It is a shame that such a beautiful lady could dress up in such a manner.

Some people who saw the picture were not happy with the lady for wearing such clothing to a public event. Some even said it was her lack of good morals and indecency that led her into such behaviour. I don't really understand what some women are thinking. They need to realise that bad clothes attract bad suitors, which can go a long way in hurting their lives. They also need to be aware that they are damaging the reputation of the African continent by wearing indecent clothes in public.

Do you think women should be allowed to dress anyhow they like? Let's hear your own opinion.

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