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Unconfirmed Safety Measures By The IGP Team Making Rounds On The Whatsapp, May Actually Help Us

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According to whatsapp users, a list of safety measures we need to undertake has been metted out by the IGP Intelligence Team.

Take a look below

Security tips for IGP Intelligence Response Team

1) Don't let your children who don't recognize the voice open the door for strangers/visitors.

2) Recognize the voice of visitors/strangers before you open the door.

(3) Lock all doors in the room, especially at night.

(4) Before leaving, turn off all your electrical devices, even if there is no ECG power.

(5) Check all your cooking utensils before you leave.

(6) Stay away from foreign men who look like pregnant women, he may use dangerous products.

(7) Lock your car, even if you pack it in your compound.

(8) Protect your car and motorcycle keys from duplication by suspected criminals.

(9) Protect your SIM card from theft by suspected criminals, as it can be used for ransom negotiations.

(10) Purchase fire extinguishers for your car and home.

(11) Tell your children's teacher that they will not let them go to anyone except with evidence from you at your request.

(12) Do not let strangers sleep in your home, but refer them to the nearest police station, National Security, and Department of Defense.

(13) Don't send your ATM, but hang it on someone in any account.

(14) Do not pay for cars or merchandise online if you are unsure of the source.

(15) Do not leave young children in school, mosque, or church alone.

(16) Do not travel without telling someone.

(17) Report all suspected criminals to the police, armed forces, national security and the Ministry of Defense.

18. Lock your door while watching your favorite movie or TV show.

19. When you are watching your favorite TV show with the help of a generator, and it suddenly turns off, don't open your door right away.

Proof That It's From Whatsapp

Content created and supplied by: josh_nkp (via Opera News )

IGP IGP Intelligence Response Team


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