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Road Accident

You can take me anywhere but you can't take my key. A policeman and a driver fighting inside a car.

Is it legal for a policeman to take a driver's car key? Well, I don't know enough about the law to know whether it's legal for a police officer to do that or not, but in a video that we came across, a policeman appears to be doing exactly that.

In the video, a police officer is seen sitting inside unidentified car fighting to get the key of the car from the driver, but the driver was plainly not willing to give it to him. The driver told the police officer that he was ready to take him, the officer, to wherever he wants to go, which was undoubtedly the police station, but that he would not give him his car key. However, it appeared that this was not the office's intention, as he continued to demand that the driver hand over the keys key to him.

They began a struggle in the car to see who would be the one to seize the key after the driver refused to give it to him. The passenger who was in the back seat of the car begged them to stop fighting because she was in the car with them and didn't want anything bad to happen to them or to her, but they didn't listen and continued fighting over the key. 

This is really a sad thing to happen since, regardless of the circumstances, a police officer and a drivers should be able to find a peaceful method to resolve any problem concerning their work rather than fighting them, and the police officer should have just escorted the driver to the police station to resolve the situation.

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