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Lady turned into a laughing stock after posting this picture

There are some people who will try to ridicule you or demean you because they seem to find themselves in a better position than you. A woman on Facebook posted a picture of her home, saying she was happy to be living in a shack, but many people mocked her and made fun of her.


Some say she's a big girl, that she's beautiful, that she should have a nicer apartment, that she has everything a girl should have, so why is she living in a shack?

A shack is a small house that people consider to be for the poor, similar to a one or two-room apartment? In Ghana, a shack house is like a hut house. I commend this girl for not living a fake life. 

Something we shouldn't make a mockery of anyone is mocking someone's house or dress. The fact that you are wealthy does not give you the right to make someone feel bad about their shelter and home.


Is this girl's house bad and does it warrant insults from people?

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