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The upsurge in missing persons in the society of late, the causes and suggested remedies

The rate at which people are getting missing in the country at an increasing rate seems alarming base on most of the radio and television station reportages as well as police reports

Day in and day out, a lot of families, parents keep on crying to the public on the grounds of their missing relatives which create tension and psychological discomfort and all sort of unpleasant circumstances that arise from the aforementioned missing situations.

Whiles unwholesome practices like ritual murder, kidnapping, and genocide keeps on rising continuously too, most families falling victims to child missing become suspicious to that effect and most of them even loss hope of getting their missing individuals.

From the past Takoradi girls missing case, the missing nurse who got killed and dumped by the unknown perpetrators and to the recent case on one particular child that was butchered and stored in a refrigerator by the Abesim killer and many other reported cases are all typical instances.

What might be the root cause on the issue of missing people ? Obviously, there are certain factors accounting to that and they are outlined below.

1. Failure on the part of parent to keep their eyes on their relatives. Most children, family members who get missing in society should sometimes be blamed on the parents, families. Most parents allow their children to move to certain places they aren't aware such as joining peers to night clubs, festivals, travelling and others.

2. Certain unscrupulous persons use various tactics to trick and trap people especially the young ones, school children with money, gift and pretend to care for their welfare and security and forcibly kidnap most of such children for their gains.

3. Tricksters trap individuals with job advertisements posters in the society claiming to pay huge sums of money to a particular job such as marketing of products, jobs at abroad and later turns to kill or kidnap those who fall prey to such predators.

4. Loose security set up. The security services within the societies sometimes must be blamed for most of the missing cases. When they arrest kidnappers and killers of people etc, most of them extort monies and set them free to operate in the system again.

5. The quest of becoming rich overnight by some individuals. Most people capture and kill strangers who get lost to certain places. Such instance is a stranger who get to a new place in search of their relatives, friends who later get stranded and request to sleep in unknown people houses.

The missing issue ought to be brought under control and such requires a collective effort of all stakeholders including the security personnels, government, families, schools, religious organisations etc.

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