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Theft robbery

Check out what armed robbers did to this lady after stealing from her house that left people amazed

We leave at a time when we learn something new every day, and it looks like thieves are getting smarter by the day. A lady with the social media handle sisi-icecream shared on Twitter what happened in her home while she was sleeping.

A lady wowed social media users after she shared her experience with robbers that robbed her in her house at night. She said thieves robbed her and almost emptied her house, making away with her valuables, even though her dog did not bark at them.

She said she was sleeping when all this happened. It was like a movie to her. She was robbed while she was asleep. Not even her dog raised an alarm. She said after the thieves robbed her, they left a note on her bed for her.

The texts were written with her lipstick. The note they left for her says, "I am so sorry, more progress to her because she was texting on roll before she slept off. Her phone was not taken. Some social users thought the thieves might be her neighbors or someone that knows her. They might still come back again. What do you think

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