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The Children Who Were Caught Doing It In Public Has Come Out With Their Alleged Explanation

The childrens who were caught doing it on public has come out with their alleged explanations on why they were doing it on public.

After reading this article you will understand why the children snapped these pictures on public.

As we all known, now the world we are living right now has changed to a different level that we cannot understand what is going on, especially in our houses, schools, churches and other places.

In Ghana, you will never see men or women of any orientation kissing and enjoying their self because public displays of affection are not acceptable but it seems now a days young children have their own freedom to do what ever they like.

The picture above show that the children where kissing and enjoying their self in public which is very bad for them to be doing such things.

The children where enjoying their self and having fun at the same time to the extend that the boy have touched the girl's booty and if you can see clearly the boy has hold the girl serious.

But according to the victims, they alleged that they are happy that their pictures has spread all over social media, they said they are not on social media for their own interest or just because they want to get fame but all they want is to encourage all parents train their children how to fear God, how to have good moral values when they are with them and away from them.

Some people may agree with them about what is written on the image, others may not be agree but the question is, if you are a Mother, Father, Pastor, Teacher, what will you say or do to these children when you meet them?

Spread the love, write what you will do to them in case you meet them these children.

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