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Pastor sleeps with his 16yrs old daughter and claim it was the direction of the holy spirit

The man of God whom for some reason didn't mention his name, has raped his 16-year-old JHS daughter.

Pastor,after getting the nerve to grant an interview on accra based radio station, claim the holy spirit directed him to have sexual intercourse with his daughter.

The anonymous pastor claimed the daughter was having sexual intercourse with her class teacher. A sin that will bring calamity and even death to her and the family.

The direction of the Holy spirit, he claimed, was to atone for the sins of the daughter so she can become clean again.

it seems the maths rule that says when two negatives meet, it eventually turn to become positive,is really manifesting in reality.

How can the Holy spirit direct Pastor to sleep with his daughter ?

Instead of accepting his lack of self control and receive the punishment, he wants to play the usual blame game.

We will leave it to God judge his people .

Earlier on it was reported that a man has confessed after having sexual intercourse with his cousin.

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