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9 Years Old Boy Missing, Youths In The Community Wants To Beat Family To Death

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Life is not fair, 9 years old boy missing.

This incident happened in Sefwi just this morning, which have left the youth in the area to be very wild and had intended to kill the family members of this 9 years old child.

Someone may ask, why do they want to kill the family members? 

The people in that community, from report said that young boy stays with his grandparents in the community, He is popularly known as Kofi the boy he is a very cool boy loved by everyone. The people said that, just this morning Kofi woke up to go and fetch water, a distance from home So he went for the first and second time, but on the third time he didn't come back again. So the community youths are saying that - immediately the grandparents saw that the child has delayed on his third time, they didn't make any attempt to go and look for him but rather they all departed from the house without any effort of going to look for their grandson.

So as I talk to you now, the family, I mean his grandparents and 8 others have run to seek the protection of the Ghana Police since the youth in the community wants to beat them to death.

The youths are saying that, they suspect the grandparents to know the whereabout of the child. That was why they didn't make any attempt to go and look for the young boy, so as I speak to you now the boy is no where to be found, And the youths have also put it on themself to go and look for the child.

This news was just released by One vision Gh an hour ago

So just stay calm I will bring you all the necessary updates. Not ending this news, A very terrible breaking of religious rules have occurred inside Accra. The whole issue on ground is that a caterer who prepares food for ceremonies and occasions, have used wrong meat to prepare food for a wedding ceremony.

From report, the bride and groom are all Muslims so they were not expecting anything like pork; Because their religion frowns on eating pork. So in the cause of making the list, it's seems the caterer didn't hear the necessary meats to be used on that very day, when she was making a call with the bride. 

So as she hanged up the call, she rushed to go and buy varieties of meat and pork meat as well. So after buying the pork meat, she called the bride to confirm that she is going to add “Bacon”. The bride being ignorant about Bacon also said yes, so the caterer went ahead to prepare the dish and served the whole family. 

So a day after the wedding, the mother inlaw of the bride asked her, “Ah your food looks and feels tasty that day I really enjoyed it, Can you call the caterer to give me the list of the items she used in preparing the food, so that I can also learn and go and do same. 

So the caterer started mentioning the ingredients and she mentioned pork. The old woman blew the alarm to the other family, and the caterer was arrested. So as at now the caterer has been released but the family are still dragging her here and there. 

So they gave her a warning to sanction her because they don't eat pig/pork as part of their religion (Muslims).

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