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Divorce Affair

Where is the world ending in?

The rate at which the world is going is very surprising and very heart breaking. Everbody seems to be doing what he or she likes. The gays and lesbians now want the law to be legalised so they can marry. How will the population of Ghana, Africa and the world at large continue with it population.

Sin has also become a normal thing that that nobody seems to think twice before commiting any sin. A woman slice his husband because of infidelity..A young girl commits suicide because of a man and it looks as I these things are increasing day by day.

These things needs to be halted and one of the things we really need is the the supreme hands of God in the situation of what is going on in the world at the moment otherwise we can't really boast of a future for the future generations.

If we do not seek the face of God very soon everything will get out of hand and by that time we would not be able to control anything so it will be better if we act faster and ignore the gay and lesbian bill that is when God can also come to our aid. Heaven helps those who help themselves.

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